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CLEANSHIELD AlKALINE Health Drink is one of the world's most powerful ALKALINE H
CLEANSHIELD AlKALINE Health Drink is one of the world's most powerful ALKALINE Health drinks. It balances your PH level and cleans up your system to activate the body's own doctor (health system) within. CLEANSHIELD is all natural liquid supplement that bost your body PH balance. CLEANSHIELD stimulates the body to produce ALKALINITY which help the body to balance its PH levels and empowers the body to resist many health conditions. Experience total recovery from CANCER, DIABETES, STROKE, HIV/AIDS, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, KIDNEY & LIVER PROBLEMS, CHRONIC MALARIA, TYPHOID FEVER, ASTHMA, HEPATITIS B , ULCERS: stomach, mouth, & all , IMPOTENCE, INTERNAL DISORDERS, TUBERCULOSIS, VIRAL INFECTIONS, URINARY INFECTIONS, MUSCULAR PAIN, CONSTIPATION/DIZZINESS, ANAEMIA, INFERTILITY, BRAIN TUMOUR, ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATISM, INSOMNIA, BAD EYE SIGHT, FIBROID GROWTH, WAIST PAIN, MENTAL DISORDER, MENSTRAL PAINS, GOITER, HEART DISEASES, BAD WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, CANDIDIASIS/ WHITE, EAR ACHE, LEUKEMIA, LACK OF SEXUAL DRIVE ,ETC.
“5 years ago, I had high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, restricted blood flow, high cholesterol, all of these gone since I have been drinking CleanShield. My doctor says that my wife and I are 2 of his healthiest patients in all of his practice, regardless of our age”.
Another use of CleanShield is the topical use. I discovered that the body topically loves the high pH nature of CleanShield. I have seen it used on psoriasis, skin ulcer, diabetes, skin cancer, burns, and open wounds in fact on anything having to do with the skin, even diaper rashes. I found that CleanShield works just as effectively on the outside as it does on the inside of the body. I also understand that diabetes is a serious problem in Africa as it is in the world over. In the US alone, 80,000 people loose a limb because of diabetes ulcers yearly.
In addition, you can also spray this in your eyes, for people with eye disease.
This is truly God’s gift to the world!
Al Siamon
Case 1
A young girl of 23, had typhoid and 270 mls of CleanShield was administered taking it over a 4 days period. She went for lab test and was confirmed not to have typhoid any longer.
Case 2
A 26 years old lady was diagnosed with liver psoriasis and was given CleanShield for 2 weeks and the liver dysfunction was corrected.
Case 3
An aged man of 60 with prostate cancer took CleanShield for one month and the prostate was gone.
Case 4
A lady with menstrual pains for over 15 years has been restored in four days by CleanShield usage. She took about 90mls of the content daily.
Case 5
A man with sexual dysfunction was re-invigorated after using CleanShield for 7 days. Dosage was 90 mls.
Case 6
A woman of 65 years of age with heart enlargement billed for operation could not go for operation any longer after using CleanShield for one week.
Case 7
A 43 years old lady and mother of 5 children with pregnancy could not wear shoes because of her swollen legs, but under 24 hours of administration, her swollen legs became normal. She took only 30mls of CleanShield at night time.
Case 8
A woman in coma was given 30 mls of CleanShield by raising her head up and given in the evening, in the early hours of the morning, she was able to stand on her feet.


Accra, Ghana
Box Kn 5928-Kaneshie Accra


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